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Test Service

Dongling Measurement Test service Center which is invested by Dongling is a third-party public test platform.In the test laboratory, there're 50 sets testing equipments, including 10N to 500KN Vibration test systems, vertical or horizontal working table up to 20m2, multi-axis and multi DOF test systems, temperature, humidity and vacuum chambers combined with vibration shaker, vertical or horizontal shock machines, high speed centrifuge, shock response spectrum equipments, Drop testers, transportation simulation instruments etc., Besides these equipments, it also has the capability of modal, strain, fatigue tests and so on. It is able to provide all kinds of Test services to customers. Based on the mother company Dongling's technology research development and quick response, Dongling Measurement Test service Center did various tests for national key projects like manned spaceship, large carrier rockets, ship building, Rail transit, wind power generation etc. It has accumulated abundant test experience, improved the quality and ability of its team.

Test Categories
Mechanical environment test  
Comprehensive environmental test  
Reliability test  
Test Application
Vibration, shock, simulate transportation,
centrifuge, drop, bump
Temperature, humidity, air pressure, dust,
vacuum, salt mist, mould, rain
Modal, intensity, fatigue
Some clients for Test services
The foregoing lists are not numbered.