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Portable Low-Frequency Calibration System
This device is composed of four parts: low-frequency vibration shaker, standard acceleration sensor, servo driver, data acquisition and control system.
Main Function
LF series low-frequency calibration system is used in calibration and verification of low-frequency sensor. The main test parameters include the sensitivity and frequency response range of various vibration sensors. It has high accuracy.

Main Characteristics
Low-frequency shaker adopts linear motor for driving, adopts ball linear guidance rail, and adopts grating scale for feedback of displacement, velocity and acceleration. It has wide operating frequency range and large stroke.
The system has reasonable structure design and adopts advanced technology. It can calibrate by comparison method and absolute method, which has high stability and reliability.
The control system, executive system and software driver analysis system have high accuracy and reliability, fast response speed, easy operation and maintenance, beautiful appearance, high product quality and longtime failure-free operation.