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Slip Table Series
Typical applications

Electro-dynamic vibration shaker can be equipped with the slip table to achieve three-dimensional vibration test. The overall load capacity can be improved thanks to the smaller carrier (table) weight of the slip table, to be able to support the load with a larger size and greater weight. The slip table can be divided into the integrated type and split type based on connection way, and into the GT, BT and TBT series based on guiding way respectively, with GT series available for V-shaped guiding way, with BT series for hydrostatic guideway guiding way and with TBT series for medium-pressure rail guiding way.
The vibration system equipping with the slip table can carry out the X, Y and Z-direction vibration tests for parts or entire machine respectively, also matching with the temperature and humidity test chamber to form an integrated environmental testing system.
Area and thickness of sliding plate determine the quality of the active system, and also affect the upper limit of frequency of the table. The following listed table indicators are available for our company’s standard products, with special customization allowed. Available standard: JB / T 6869-93 .

Integrated design
Integrated type refers to that the slip table and vibration shaker are designed into a whole and share one base, featuring with good stiffness and easy installation and commissioning. The integrated table has been obtained national patent, no base requirement.
GT Series-V-type Bearing Guide
V-shaped guide rail slip table consists of the horizontal table, V-shaped rail, connectors, granite slab, slip table base, and built-in oil source. The built-in fuel supply pump features with compact structure and easy operation. Based on the slip table size, the number of V-shaped guide rail is different. This V-shaped guide rail has a high resistance to overturning moment.
BT Series - Hydrostatic Bearing Guide
The hydrostatic bearing slip table consists of the horizontal table, hydrostatic guideway, connectors, granite slab, slip table base, and independent hydrostatic oil source. Hydrostatic guideway provides higher resistance to overturning moments which is suitable for testing large-load specimens. Slip tables with a larger number of hydrostatic guideways have a higher resistance to overturning moments.
TBT Series – Medium-pressure Bearing Guide
Medium-pressure rail slip table consists of horizontal table, medium-pressure rail, connectors, slip table base and independent medium-pressure oil source. Medium-pressure rail has the excellent dynamic performance and each bearing has its own set of feedback system, featuring with excellent parallel operation performance and simple assembly process, easy to meet the high performance requirements (optional for 800X800 slip table and above).
Easy to Operate
Unique trunnion and guide bearing can make the horizontal and vertical switching easily implemented; for the vibration shaker with above medium thrust, the electric power steering unit is adopted to make the switching easier.