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Multi-DOF Motion Platform

In order to simulate the motion postures in a variety of spaces, all kinds of training simulators such as flight simulators, naval simulator, navy helicopter landing simulation platform, tank simulator, car driving simulator, train driving simulator, earthquake simulator and dynamic movie , and entertainment equipment, require a multi-degree-of-freedom motion platform, to achieve the engineering simulation, design evaluation, test, experiment, task training, training assessment, environmental simulation and event reproduction etc. aspects.

Electrodynamic type
• Electro-dynamic vibration shaker
• Smart digital Power amplifier
• Controller
Hydraulic type
• Hydraulic vibration shaker
• Servo amplifier
• Hydraulic source
• Controller
The system adopts (hydraulic or motor) actuator parallel mechanism and spherical hinge etc. joints, jointly acting on a platform, to achieve the composite motion of moving along with the X, Y and Z directions and winding the X, Y and Z axes.
The multi-degree-of-freedom motion platform can be equipped with the flight simulation cabin and ship simulation cabin, to more conveniently and reliably simulate a variety of working environment.
Scope of application
Weapons, Ship buildings, aerospace, aviation, electronics, petroleum, railway, earthquakes, and Transportation