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Six-DOF Vibration Test System

To achieve the simulation of the full working conditions of the vehicles, ships, airplanes and spacecrafts, and to accurately reproduce the sine wave, triangle wave, random wave and composite motions of swing and vibration, multi-axis motion platform is required for environment reproduction.

Specific configuration
Hydraulic spherical hinge
Electrodynamic type
• Electro-dynamic vibration shaker
• Smart digital Power amplifier
• Controller
Hydraulic type
• Hydraulic vibration shaker
• Hydraulic source
• Controller
System adopts more than 6 electro-dynamic vibration shakers to push a table for testing the specimen, with hydraulic spherical hinge equipped to make the working table achieve the composite movement of along with the X, Y and Z directions and winding X, Y and Z directions.
Scope of application
Aerospace, aviation, weapons, Rail transit