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+ Application of Single-axis Vibration test system
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+ Large Energy / Strong Shock     Test System
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Bi-axis Vibration Test System

Limited by the test equipment, the vibration test can be completed only through the decomposition of X and Z directions, but the real vibration environment is an X and Z composite vibration.

Electrodynamic type
• Electro-dynamic vibration shaker
• Smart digital Power amplifier
• Controller
Hydraulic type
• Hydraulic vibration shaker
• Hydraulic source
• Controller
Two sets of vibration equipments sharing with a table, the vibration test carrying out simultaneously for two equipments, and hydraulic orthogonal decoupling bearings adopted for connecting the vibration shaker with the table, can provide the reliable motion trail and working environment for more realistic simulation environment and reduce test time
Scope of application
Aerospace, Military Industry