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Dual Slip Table

Specificity of the vibration test:
• Large size and low acceleration
• Small size and high acceleration
• Test under X, Y, and Z directions
Big and small slip tables or a large slip table are used to meet the requirement of two types of specimens. The former needs large cost and the latter wastes resources.

• Electro-dynamic vibration shaker
• Smart digital Power amplifier
• Controller
Specific configuration
Special base with large and small
slip tables
A set of vibration shaker equipping with two sets of horizontal slip tables (large and small) is used, to achieve the connection at two horizontal directions only if the shaker rotates 180°, thus meeting both large-size specimen low-acceleration tests and small-size specimen high-acceleration tests.
One set of equipment is used to meet two requirements, thus reducing the costs and saving the resources.
Scope of application
Rail transit, automotive, New energy, and public laboratory